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LGBT and Allies for Trump Party at RNC a Huge Success

Wilders, Geller and Yiannopoulos headlined sold-out event

CLEVELAND, OH, July 21 - More than 500 attendees packed into the Wolstein Center ballroom at Cleveland State on Tuesday night for the #WakeUp party thrown for LGBT and their allies in support of the Presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump (R-NY).

The event was organized by Chris Barron, Jeff Giesea, Jim Hoft and Lucian Wintrich as a response to the terrorist attacks in Orlando.
Tickets for the event sold out within 24 hours of announcing the event. 

"We could not be any happier with how this event went," said Chris Barron. "We set out to hold an event that would both highlight the threat that radical Islam poses to LGBT Americans and show that there are lots of gay people and gay-friendly people supporting Donald Trump - it is clear that we succeeded by any metric."

Security was incredibly tight at the #WakeUp event given the level of hate and violence that has been levelled at anyone who has been willing to speak out against radical Islam. Security managed to keep protestors from disrupting the event or doing harm to any of the attendees or speakers – interestingly enough, the event drew both protestors from a Westboro Baptist type group and the Queers Against Islamaphobia group.

“We had the FBI involved, bomb sniffing dogs and snipers on the roof,” continued Barron. “It is a sad testament to where we are as a society today that that kind of security was necessary to protect gay conservatives and their supporters at a convention party.” 

"The left is constantly trying to keep LGBT Americans on their ideological plantation," who is an organizer of LGBT for Trump and who spoke at the event as a surrogate for the campaign. "Our event, and more broadly the campaign of Mr. Trump, is showing LGBT Americans that the left does not own them - freeing them to think for themselves. Everyone in our community needs to wake up to the fact that the left will not protect them from the existential threat posed by radical Islam." 

"The speakers at our event tossed aside the usual political correctness that has poisoned debate in our country," continued Barron. "Contrary to reports in the left wing media, this wasn't an event about bigotry or Islamaphobia, this was an event about highlighting the threat that radical Islamic terror poses to LGBT people in this country and across the globe."

"Unlike so many traditional convention events, our party drew a young and diverse crowd," said Barron.  "Ironically, we had more people of color inside our event than were outside protesting it."

"What we started here in Cleveland will not end here. We will continue to speak out. We will speak out against radical Islam, we will speak against the scourge of political correctness and we will speak out in favor of the campaign of Donald Trump," concluded Barron.